Monday, November 16, 2009

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Changing Lives and Offering HOPE!

Millions of women abandoned, betrayed, exploited, trafficked. Sold by their families or decieved by friends with promises of a good job, women are brought to the city already indebted to their boss. They discover they were tricked into a life of prostitution. After leaving the sex work industry, these women come to live in the Starfish shelter. There they enjoy friendship and a family atmosphere. Through regular counseling sessions they begin to heal from their past wounds and purse their future dreams. While in the shelter these women make this beautiful hand-made jewelry that they sell to pay for the cost of running the shelter. 100% of their profit provides for the women in the shelter their housing, medical care, education, vocational training and salaries. The Starfish Project is committed to restoring women with hope, dignity and strength! I have seen their jewelry in person and it is beautiful, quality, very well made jewelry. I hope you'll join me in supporting this cause to help rescue these women from a life of abuse. Visit to learn more about this great cause and to see and purchase their jewelry!